Founder Byung Jick Ro

Founding father of modern Taekwondo (1944 in Kaesong)

Legendary Supreme Grand Master Ro Byung Jick (1919-2015) 

A Brief History
7/1919: Born July 3, 1919, 547 Ja nam-dong, Gaeseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
3/1936: Moved to University of Japan to study
12/1936: Entered Shotokan Karate school under SGM Gichin Funakoshi (Father of modern Karate)
11/1943: Promoted as 4th dan black belt (One of the highest rank in Karate at that time in Japan)
3/20/1944: Returned to Korea, Opened first Gongsoodo/Taekwondo school in Korea/the
world in GaeSeong city, GyeongGi province. Songmookwan 2nd president – Young Sup Lee, 3rd President -Won Sik Kang (Former Kukkiwon president)
8/15/1945: Korean Independence from Japanese occupation(36yrs.) – 2nd World War Ends (Japanese surrendered unconditionally)
11/1946-1/1949: Head instructor- Kaesong Police station and Police academy
6/25/1950-1953: Korean War
1953: Founded 1st. Korean Gongsoodo/Taekwondo Association in Busan during Korean War.
*Served as Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Rank Promotion Committee
9/1955-8/1963: Founded/Head instructor for Seoul National Univ. TKD Club (Boum Ho Chung – President)
9/1957-5/1961: Founded/Head instructor for DanKuk Univ. TKD Club (Choong Sik Chang – President)
9/1962-12/1969: Chairman of Rank Promotion Committee of the Korea Taekwondo Association(KTA)
1966: President, Korea Taekwondo Assoc.(current KTA) / Head delegate for Korea TKD team
for competition in Japan / Established 1st. Presidential Flag (Chung Hee Park) Championships.
5/1967: Official Visit to Vietnam war, Korean Military invited by General Commander Myung
Shin Chae with General Hong Hee Choi (Ambassador for Malaysia)
9/2014: Received Korean Presidential Medal for his achievement in development of modern Taekwondo from 1944.
09/09/2015 – Returned to Mother Nature in peace at age 96 in Minneapolis, MN. at his home