Hyon, Jun Seon

List of Song Moo Kwan Yudansha (Alphabetical)

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Direct student of Song Moo Kwan founder, Ro, Byung Jick.

Jun S. Hyon, a United States pioneer in Taekwondo brought the artform to Minnesota in the early 1960’s. Hyon was born on in a united Korea but forcibly separated from his family as a result of the Korean War. The orphaned Hyon escaped to South Korea. At only 11 year old, Hyon and his eldest brother fended for themselves on the streets of Pusan. Hyon was able to overcome adversity, eventually attending both high school and college. Post education, he entered the Korean military where he became active in Taekwondo.

Hyon immigrated to the United States in the early 1960’s. Starting from scratch he build multiple Taekwondo schools in the Minneapolis area. In the 1970s, Hyon contributed greatly to the martial arts community and was recognized in publications such as Karate Illustrated and the cover of Blackbelt Magazine.

After selling his schools and retiring from the martial arts Hyon would pursue his next passion: golf. Hyon relocated to Southern California where he became a senior PGA tour member in the 1980s. In addition to tour play, he owned and operated a golf instruction business. Hyon died in 2020.He is survived by his son Eric and wife Lily.