SGM Joon Pyo Choi

Supreme Grandmaster Joon Pyo Choi

Martial Arts & Personal History

Name: Joon Pyo Choi -10th Degree Taekwondo Black Belt
(Promoted by Late Supreme Grandmaster RO, Byung Jick in July 3rd, 2013, the Only living Founder of Modern Taekwondo – Songmookwan Founder in March, 1944)

Born: 1945.11.27 Heung Nam North, Korea. Fled to South Korea 1951
Died: 2021.09.13

President/Founder of the Oriental Martial Arts College (1963 – Korea, 1971- USA)
World Headquarters: 1349 Brice Rd Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068
(614) 864-4000, 864-4146 (Fax)

Education and Special Training

1956-Current:     Training – Songmookwan Taekwondo, Hapkido, Karate, Gumdo, Kimoodo-Healing Art, Kung Fu, Judo, Zen, Dao, Confucian, Catholicism
1965-1971:     Pusan Su-San National University (Business Administration)
1965-1970:     Song Hak Acupuncture School & Korean Folk Musical Instrument
1965-Current:     Practice Oriental Philosophies & Founded Kimoodo Healing Arts – Energy Healing Arts

Martial Arts History & Achievement
2016-Oct.     Chairman – Arnold Sports Festival Korea Organizing Committee
2015, July 1:      Advisory Council for Peace Unification of Korea for President – Appointed by President of Korea Keun Hae Park
2014:     Advisor-Ohio State University, Korean Culture Study Committee
2013 July 3:     Promoted 10th dan (#10-01) Taekwondo black belt by the Founder of Song Moo Kwan Taekwondo (Founded 1944) Supreme Grandmaster RO, Byung Jick (Father of modern TKD)
2012:     Honorary International Advisor, Kukkiwon (Taekwondo World Head Quarters)
2012: Feb., 16     Advisor, GyeongBuk, Korea – Dokdo Protection Council
2011:     Special Award by Kukkiwon – Leadership and Taekwondo Promotion Abroad
2011:     Presidential Award in Leadership and Community Service by the President Barak Obama, of the USA
2010-2012:     Elected and Served as President of the USA Taekwondo Martial Arts Commission (USAT-MAC)
2009-2012:     Elected as a Board member for USA Taekwondo (National Governing Body under US Olympic Committee)
2009:     Special Award by Korea Taekwondo Association – Taekwondo Promotion & Leadership
2009:     Elected as a Chairman of USAT Martial Arts Commission
2008:     Established Alliance with Korea Traditional Martial Arts Federations – Taekyun/Hapkido/Gongkwon Teukgong Musool
2007:     Leadership Award by United States America Taekwondo – USAT – National Governing Body under USOC
2007:     Hall of Fame – Award by Grandmasters Society -Taekwondo Times / Special Award by World Taekwondo Federation
2006:     Special Awards by Kukkiwon President – Taekwondo Promotion
2006:     Hall Fame Award as a Coach of the Year by the Taekwondo Times
2006:     Established USAT Martial Arts Commission Co-Chairman (NGB for USOC)
2005:     Featured on Cover Story in NAPMA (National Association Professional Martial Arts) Magazine
2004:     World Peace Ambassador Medal Award by International Educators Association for Peace – UN Affiliated NGO
2004:     Presidential Award – Active Life Style by President George Bush, President of USA
2003:     Presidential Award – Volunteer Service by President George Bush (Freedom Corp), USA
2002:     Goodwill Ambassador for Ohio Governor, George Voinovich to Russia, Korea, China
2001:     Special Award from President of Bridgeport University CT. for Martial Arts Contribution
2001:     Civil Right Leadership Award by the State Of Ohio
2001-2004:     General Chairman of the Arnold Battle of Columbus World Martial Arts Games/Asian Culture Fair
1999:     U.S. Team Head for World Taekwondo Festival (Chung Chung Korea) & Served as an Executive Committee
1999:     Special Award from Minister of the Korea Culture, Sport & Tourism – Promotion of Korean Culture through Taekwondo
1998:     U.S.A. Team Delegate for International Taekwondo Festival Mexico ’98 (WUMA)
1998:     Chairman of World Martial Arts Expo/Asian Culture Fair (Columbus Convention Center)
1998-2009:     Served as a Commissioner of the City of Columbus – Appointed by Mayor of Columbus
1996-2016:     Served as an International Trade Advisor for the Gyeongsang-Bukdo Province of Korea
1996:     Promoted to 9th Dan-Songmookwan (# 03-032) by Supreme Grandmaster Byung Jick Ro–Father of modern Taekwondo
1995-1999:     Served, Advisory Council for Peace Unification of Korea for President Young Sam Kim & Dae Joong Kim
1993:     International Martial Arts Goodwill Mission & Seminar (Russia, Mexico, Korea, China)
1992:     Founded Kimoodo Healing Arts / Founded World United Martial Arts Alliance (WUMA)
1992-1996:     Founded and Served as a President of Asian American Commerce Group
1988:     U.S. Olympic Coach for U.S. Team (USTU) – 11 Medals – Women-1st in the World), Men – 2nd in the World
1987:     USA Taekwondo Union – Coach of the Year
1986:     Promoted to 8th dan Kukkiwon ((03-5000071) and SongMooKwan by Sup. GM Byung Jick Ro)
1979:     Pre-World Games US Team Head Coach – U.S. National Taekwondo Coach of the Year Award (USTU)
1978-79:     USA Head Coach – Pan-Am Taekwondo Championships
1977:     U.S. National Team Head Coach (AAU Taekwondo)-3rd World Taekwondo Championships – USA Team 3rd Pl. in the World
1977:     International Referee – Kukkiwon
1976-Current     Founded Battle of Columbus Open Multiple Martial Arts Championships – Partnered with Arnold Schwarzenegger World Sports Festival (2001-2016)
1974:     USA Taekwondo Assoc. (AAU TKD) & Ohio TKD Assoc. Founding Member
1973:     International Referee & International Instructor certification by Kukkiwon president, Un Yong Kim
1972:     Founded Oriental martial Arts College (Columbus, Ohio)
1971-1989:     Best Demo Awards – Madison Square Garden, Smithsonian Institute & plus…
1971:     Moved to USA – Head Instructor at Korea Taekwondo School in Madison Indiana
1965-1971     Head Instructor – Busan Susan University & Hae Yang University Navy/Marine ROTC
1963:     Head Instructor – Korea Boy Scout Taekwondo School, Seoul, Korea
1956:     Began Taekwondo Training -Songmookwan (Supreme Grandmaster Byung Jick Ro – Founded 1944)

Community Service and Achievement
2015 July:     Advisory Council for Peace Unification of Korea for President – Appointed by President of Korea, Keun Hae Park 2014:   Advisor, Korean Culture Research Center – Ohio State University
2010:     Special Awards by President of USA Barrack Obama –National & Community Volunteer Service Award
2006:     Outstanding Community Leadership Award by Central Ohio Breathing Association
2005:     Appointed as an Advisory Council in International Development for GyeongBuk Province in Korea
2003:     Re-Appointed as a Columbus Community Relations Council Commissioner – Appointed by Mayor of Columbus
2001:     Civil Right Leadership Award from Civil Right Commission and Governor of the State of Ohio
Special Award from President of Bridgeport University CT. for Martial Arts Contribution Elected as a President of the Asian American Commerce Group
2002-2004:     Board of Director for United Way of Franklin County
1999-2004:     Columbus Community Relations Council Commissioner – Appointed by Mayor of Columbus
Directed World Martial Arts Expo, Asian Culture Fair, Asian Trade Seminar – Invited GyeongBuk Team
1998:     Chairman of Asian Culture Fair & World Martial Arts Expo- Conducted International Trade Seminar Honorary Chairman for Franklin County International Fair
Chairman of Board, Columbus Korean American Community School
1997:     Elected as a Board of Director for the United Way
Honorary Delegate, Governor Voinovich (Ohio) Asian Pacific Rim Trade Mission, GyeongBuk & Seoul, Koera Board of Director for Central Ohio Breathing Association
Central Ohio Minority Business Advocate Award
1995-98:     Advisory Council for Peace Unification of Korea for President of Korea – Appointed by President of Korea
1995-98:     President, Asian American Commerce Group
1993:     Goodwill Mission Ambassador, appointed by Governor Voinovich & Mayor Lashutka
1992:     Columbus Area Sports Council Advisor (Appointed by Mayor Lashutka)
1992:     Established Ohio-GyeongBuk province Sisterhood Agreement – Acting Goodwill Ambassador
1991:     Outstanding Service Award for Korean American Senior Citizen Assoc. of Columbus
1986:    Served as a Chairman of the Board for Korean American Society of Columbus Ohio (KASCO)
1977-78:     Elected as a President of Korean-American Assoc.