Guiding Principles of Moo-do Taekwondo Songmookwan OMAC Moogong-Ryu

Moo-do Taekwondo Songmookwan OMAC Moogong-Ryu

Moogongryu Vision
KYE vision is trying to help to build a place where kids grow up happy and healthy, young become wise and strong elders enjoy peace and harmony while sharing life experiences.

Our Mission to accomplish these visions are:
ETAT mission – Education, Training, Application, Teaching

Moogonryu curriculum begins with World of Life in short meditation before and ends class
After ending short meditation with word of wisdom we begin with Mooshim (Empty Mind) 9 fundamental stances that represent most common stances that develops spinal alignment, build balance and strength and muscle toning while emptying all negative energies from within

after stance practice is done, moves onto Innae (Patience), the 9 fundamental hand techniques that encompasses blocks, punches, grabs etc. on the Mooshim the 9 fundamental stances to build accuracy, speed, power, balance, rhythm and proper timings to learn the application of techniques while cultivating the Patience.

And moves on Keukki-Jajeh – 9 Kicking and punching combination to develop powerful kicks and punches which develops stamina, endurance, balance, timing and real application against various attacks while mentally cultivating self-discipline and self-control.
We use person to person, target drills and bag drills in order to maximize results in a class time.

And moves on to the forms such as DaeMahng Chun, Ji, Yin, GyeomSohn, Choshim so on…

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